Our authentication process is informed by over 20 years of experience and formal education in the fashion industry. It is grounded in a deep knowledge of each house’s heritage, and a systematic approach to inspection, to ensure every item we sell is guaranteed authentic.


We inspect each item to ensure its details match identical or similar items from the same collection, including stitching, fabrics, patterns, hardware, authenticity stamps, serial numbers, and labels.

During the inspection process, our team leverages several references:

  • A catalog of thousands of items produced over the past 30 years, with comprehensive details and photos of each item
  • Hands-on comparison with our in-house Archival Collection, which includes hundreds of iconic items reserved for editorial, red carpet, and exhibits (e.g., Metropolitan Museum of Art: Heavenly Bodies)
  • External experts with extensive knowledge of specific designers or collections

We stand by our authentication process and guarantee authenticity on each item we sell.